Quick VP Thoughts

Obama’s best choice would be Joe Biden because he has the experience that Obama lacks. Unfortunately for both of them, Biden’s colorful past will most likely prevent him from being the choice. His history of plagiarism, foot-in-mouth disease and his past description of Obama aren’t going to go away.

For those of you who didn’t hear it, here’s what Biden said about Barack last year: “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy … that’s a storybook, man.”


On the republican side, McCain really needs someone who can present a more youthful image (I guess that would be just about anyone) and has a strong business background. Although they may not like each other all that much personally, I think Mitt Romney has to be the choice. The only other choices I see helping him would be Crist of Florida or Rudy Giuliani.

I guess we’ll find out soon.


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