More Media Bias For Saint Barack

Time Magazine Covers Scorecard (past 12 months):

Saint Barack: 7

John McCain: 2

Just in case you needed more evidence of the liberal media tilt toward Barack Obama, here’s a good visual for you. As hard as Time is trying, however, they still can’t hold a candle to the blatant worship of MSNBC’s pundits.

Check out this disgusting gushing by Chris Matthews:


2 Responses

  1. I’ll need some REAL evidence. Obama is a new phenomenon. McCain has been around for decades.

  2. Here’s some real evidence:

    Here’s a couple key findings, but please read the full report.

    From May 2000 through June 2008, in 1,365 stories, there were 462 positive stories compared to just 70 that were critical

    In 4 years, he was referred to as a liberal only 14 times. He was referred to as a rock star, rising star, or superstar 29 times.

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