1-0 McCain

McCain took the fight right to Obama, and won.  Although Lehrer and Obama attempted to make this National Security debate more about the economy, McCain effectively highlighted Obama’s wrong economic policies and escaped major damage.

My favorite parts of the debate:

1.  He wouldn’t even look at Obama during the debate.  He gave him about as much respect as he would Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

2.  McCain’s line: “Senator Obama just doesn’t get it” was very effective in making Obama look inexperienced and out of touch.

3.  Obama agreed with McCain on a number of occasions.  This made him look weak.  McCain’s campaign had a commercial out immediately highlighting this.

4.  Obama looked like a frustrated student at times, raising his hand and hoping the teacher would call on him.  Lehrer wouldn’t bail him out, and McCain kept on rolling with his points.

5.  Obama was visibly frustrated on many occasions.  He looked angry at points, and had a strange grin at others.  

Now I can’t wait for this Thursday’s debate between Palin and Biden.  This is gonna be great.  The over/under on Biden gaffes is 3.


Time To Be Afraid

We have officially waved the white flag of surrender.  

Iran has won.  They will acquire a nuclear bomb.

The United States has refused to give Israel a green light to attack Iran and stop their nuclear program.

Even though Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has said that Israel should be wiped off the map (not just rhetoric, he means it literally), we don’t do anything to stop him.


We only have 2 hopes left to stop this maniac:

1.  Elect John McCain and maybe he’ll reverse Bush’s policy of inaction.

2.  Hopefully Israel will strike anyway, without our permission.

I’m not too optimistic about either one.

A Time For Choosing

This clip is so good that it is going to have to be a regular guest on this blog.

Its sad that all these years later, we’re still facing the same 2 choices:  a realist conservative or an appeasing socialist.  Just as we faced the Evil Empire then, we must have the backbone to face the Islamofacists now.

Peace Through Strength.

Do What We Say, Not What We Do!

You’ve gotta love the hipocrisy of these 2 liberal icons.

When it comes to paying taxes and giving money to charity, these gentlemen haven’t been “paying their fair share”.

Over the last 10 years, Biden has reported adjusted gross income of $2,450,042.  His charitable contributions for that time period: $3,690!  That is about 1/8 of 1%!


Despite his lack of generosity, Senator Biden believes that we should pay more in taxes.  “Its time to be patriotic” is how he puts it.

But I wonder if we’ll be hearing Senator Biden criticizing his fellow Democrat, Chairman of the House tax-writing Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel anytime soon.  Rangel was busted for not paying his “fair share” when he failed to report $75,000 of income from a villa he owns in the Dominican Republic.


I doubt we’ll hear any criticism from Biden, Saint Barack or the liberal media.  Maybe if Biden has the backbone to go on Fox News we may hear him asked these questions, but I’m sure he’ll dodge them.  We’ll see.

Hateful Liberals Attack Again!

I can see why Democrat operatives might want to hack into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account and maybe dig up some dirt for an October surprise.  But to publish many of her contacts and personal images is low, even for mentally ill liberals.  Investigation and prosecution to follow, hopefully.

Here’s the link to the article: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/09/17/palins-e-mail-account-hacked-published-on-web-site/

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Tina Fey Nails It As Sarah Palin

She got the look and the accent perfect.  And this is exactly how Hillary feels, whether she’ll admit it or not.