More Blatant Media Bias.

Just when I thought the liberal media couldn’t be any more blatant in its adoration for Saint Barack and its disdain for all things Republican, here is the how US Magazine treats Sarah Palin (Republican) compared to Saint Barack and his wife Michelle (Democrats):


Despite all the great work Palin has done fighting corruption in Alaska (including taking down many from her own party), US Magazine titles her cover “Babies, Lies & Scandal”.  Meanwhile, despite Saint Barack’s numerous ties to less than savory characters (racist Reverend Wright, terrorist Bill Ayers and corrupt real estate developer Tony Rezko), no scandal is alluded to with him.  Just a nauseating image that belongs on a romance novel. 

Stay tuned because these liberals aren’t smart enough to cover up their bias.  I’m sure this is nothing compared to what we’re going to see in the next 2 months.


Nice try, Michelle.

The liberal spin doctors are right to try to try to repair Mrs. Obama’s image.  Unfortunately for them, I think (or I hope) most voters are smart enough to see through the attempted makeover.  Anyone who sits in Revered Wright’s church for 20 years, and listens to those hate America, anti-white rants, is a black separatist, end of story.

McCain better stop the Mr. Nice Guy act and start letting people know who the Obama’s are before its too late.

Here’s a taste of the real Obamas: