Time To Be Afraid

We have officially waved the white flag of surrender.  

Iran has won.  They will acquire a nuclear bomb.

The United States has refused to give Israel a green light to attack Iran and stop their nuclear program.

Even though Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has said that Israel should be wiped off the map (not just rhetoric, he means it literally), we don’t do anything to stop him.


We only have 2 hopes left to stop this maniac:

1.  Elect John McCain and maybe he’ll reverse Bush’s policy of inaction.

2.  Hopefully Israel will strike anyway, without our permission.

I’m not too optimistic about either one.


Dutch Secret Service Claims U.S. About To Strike Iran

Read the article here:


According to the Dutch AIVD, they have stopped a secret operation they’ve had going on for years inside Iran.  Due to “impending US plans to attack Iran,” within weeks, they’ve pulled out their asset or assets, who have been focusing on infiltrating and sabotaging the weapons and nuclear industry of Iran.

Whether we actually strike Iran or not, it is thought that Israel is preparing a strike of its own.  There is no way that small country, surrounded by enemies in the Middle East, is going to let Iran’s apocalyptic mullahs acquire nukes to use on them.

This situation, if played out anytime in the next 2 months, will definitely have an impact on the U.S. Presidential election.  John McCain will most likely be the beneficiary as national security again comes to the forefront. That’s bad news for Saint Barack, who has said that Iran doesn’t “pose a serious threat to us”, and would rather talk to terrorists and their state sponsors than take action against them.